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Make Your Own Custom Wallpaper

Do you want to design your own custom wallpaper? With us, you can easily create a fabulous wallcovering with your chosen image. Creating your own wallpaper for a unique feature wall has never been easier. Upload your image, enter the dimensions, select cropping, and get an indication of the image's quality immediately. If you have specific requests, our professional graphic designers can help with custom wallpaper to meet your particular needs. Your personalised wallpaper is made from durable non-woven paper that is extremely easy to put up. 

Wallpaper printing to your custom design

It is really satisfying to design your own wallpaper, and these are the easy steps to follow to get started.

1. Upload your picture or design when requested.

2. Enter your wall size. Always specify width and height approx. 3-5 cm larger than your wall measurements to allow for cutting edges. Minimum chargeable dimensions are 3 sqm due to our fixed start-up costs.

3. Crop images or move the frame (your wall) if required. Simply click your mouse on the design, photo or frame for the desired placement.

4. Check that your image has a high enough resolution to be compressed.

5. Place your order, and we will start the wallpaper printing process.

How to hang your custom wallpaper

When you receive your customised design, we also include a guide to hanging that shows you how to put up your new paper easily. One point to note is that when you hang your custom wallpaper, you apply the glue directly to your feature wall and the paper’s edges. It is also important that you use a special glue for non-woven paper, which you can select at checkout when you make your purchase. We will ensure you receive the correct glue for your wallpaper. If you have questions, please contact us at customer service, where we are here to help.