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Tiled wallpaper and mosaics have been a popular way to decorate walls long before wallcoverings were even invented, and they still hold sway today. Check out our excellent selection of choices online today.

Use tiled wallpaper as interior detail

The first thought when you say 'tiled' is usually the bathroom and kitchen. But tiled wallpaper is a popular choice for all types of spaces, especially in Mediterranean countries. A tile effect wallpaper creates a cool and artisanal feeling in the room. They can be both patterned or solid colour and matt or gloss for a glazed look.

Which tile effect wallpaper should you choose?

In the guest toilet, a mosaic wallpaper fits perfectly. You can choose kitchen tiled wallpaper and bathroom tiled wallpaper in many different styles that use geometrically shaped bricks for the pattern. These also come in a variety of solid or varied colour combinations. Vinyl prints are the best version for bathrooms and kitchens. A Moroccan tiled wallpaper can look fantastic in a dining area. Their distinctive mixture of earthy colours with cobalt blue and emerald green hues create a sophisticated and friendly atmosphere. We have a large selection of mosaic and tile effect wallpapers from well-known brands, always at the best price. Do you want to know what your choice looks like in reality before you decide? We strive to represent our products as well as possible, but to see what the paper would look like in your home, we recommend ordering our product samples first.