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Bamboo Wallpaper

Are you looking for beautiful bamboo wallpaper? Let this exotic plant adorn your walls to create the magical atmosphere of the mysterious east. Maybe you will find the occasional panda hidden within the bamboo pattern wallpaper.

Buy your bamboo wallpaper online

We can produce custom bamboo print wallpaper from the large selection of bamboo forest images we have in the dimensions you want. All our photo wallpapers are printed on non-woven material and are easy to put up. Order your bamboo wallcoverings quickly and conveniently online. Consider a mysterious bamboo forest wallpaper in autumn colours or refreshing greenery. You can even choose paper that looks like a wall built of bamboo - here we have something for everyone!

Picture of Bamboo Forest Japan Picture of Bamboo Forest Japan

Bamboo Forest Japan

€32,0 /m² €22.0 /m²