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Crushed Velvet Wallpaper

In stunning patterns and colours, crushed velvet wallpapers are a visual and tactile wallcovering. Manufacturers use textile fibres to create the velvet-like surface.

Velvet wallpaper gives a softness to the room

The textile surface gives a cosy and luxurious impression and affects how the paper looks in different lights. As different textures reflect light in different ways, with velvet crushed wallpaper, you can get matte, saturated colour in parts of the pattern. A crushed velvet wallpaper can also be a solid colour or tone-on-tone. 

Designing your home with crushed velvet wallpaper

The 70s was the golden age of velvet crush wallpaper, but its popularity is yet again increasing. This wallcovering is not limited to the happy hippie era! It fits perfectly into a slightly more daring and unique home design theme. It also works well in both traditional and modern homes where you want a soft, tactile surface. We love velvet wallpaper and have a large selection for different tastes in different price ranges. If you order from us, you always have a price guarantee and can, of course, choose home delivery as an option. Convenient, easy and fast.