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A zebra print wallpaper pattern has a strong graphic effect that makes a statement! With a zebra wallpaper, you get style with the black and white stripes and drama with the animal pattern. 

Where does a wallpaper with zebra print fit?

Zebra patterns are energetic and humorous, and wallpaper with a zebra print fits well as a feature wall in children's rooms. It could work equally as well in a guest toilet or bathroom. If you are a dramatic person who likes to push the boundaries, you can put a zebra pattern wallpaper in any room. Welcome to the jungle!

Find a stylish zebra wallpaper online

We sell several different zebra print wallpapers in various price ranges. We have papers true to nature's colours and bold patterns in other beautiful colours such as pink and blue. Our zebra-patterned wallpapers are in the SKIN category.