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Victorian wallpapers are beautiful and intricate works of art. Their patterns and colours are reminiscent of a classic era that we view today with nostalgia and admiration. Many love to dress their walls with Victorian-style wallpaper—it is a tasteful interior design with a sense of style and tradition.

Victorian wallpaper history

The Victorian era lasted from the 1830s to the turn of the century. Providing us with a wide range of patterns and styles categorised as Victorian style wallpaper. During the 1900s, it became popular to decorate different rooms in different styles. Luxurious homes would include decor from many interior design styles depending on the room's purpose. A 'smoking room', where the men gathered after dinner, often had an oriental-inspired style. The bedroom could be in a romantic rococo style and the dining room in baroque. All these and more can be called Victorian wallpaper. So what exactly is Victorian wallcoverings? The answer is, actually, almost anything.

Patterns and colour with Victorian style wallpaper

Typical of the Victorian style is that they were not afraid of patterns and colour, and they often used darker shades. Black, red, blue and emerald green were standard - even better with a touch or two of gold. You can sum up the motto for decorating with Victorian style wallpaper in the saying 'more is more'. If you dare, feel free to combine a large-patterned feature wall with a small-patterned paper on the other walls. With us, you can buy many different Victorian wallpapers quickly and smoothly online.